High quality testing instruments.

Cormet manufactures material and corrosion testing instruments for the laboratory and field environment. We specialise in high-temperature high-pressure applications.

Cormet delivers instruments to university and industrial laboratories including power-generation, chemical, transportation and oil & gas industries. Nearly all the products are tailored according to customers’ needs.

Solutions we provide

We can provide suitable instruments for various temperature, pressure and chemical environments. We also manufacture machinery for NACE and other standard based corrosion testing. Key element on bringing better equipment to market is to listen the researchers and bring the development ideas to practice.

Minimal impact on COVID-19 restrictions to Cormet’s operations

Cormet has been able to work normally under the working guidelines set by Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Unfortunately the situation for our suppliers outside of Finland is not as good. This means that some unexpected delays have appeared. So far not many incidents have occurred, where the total lead time of the…
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