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SSRT autoclave and loop for super-critical water and CO2
SCC studies, 650C / 35MPa
2017 | Slovakia

Industrial high temperature high pressure operations in a carbon dioxide environment (e.g. Carbon Capture and Storage, refinery processes) create challenges for the construction materials. Due to the large scale plants and the aggressive process conditions, component failures can be expensive and dangerous.

Cormet has built a SSRT autoclave and a recirculation loop for supercritical water and CO2 environment with 650°C operation temperature and 35 MPa operation pressure. The operation environment can be water or CO2 separately or combined.

The low pressure part of the recirculation loop is used for the creation and monitoring of the required water chemistry in terms of conductivity and dissolved oxygen concentration. The high pressure pump pressurizes the water flow.

CO2 is fed in the high pressure line using a large booster pump and a mass flow controller. The water – CO2 flow is heated in preheaters and led in the SSRT autoclave where stress corrosion cracking studies are performed. After the autoclave the water + CO2 flow is cooled and depressurized in two stages.

Cormet crew has a long experience with supercritical water operation. The successful management of the high temperature high pressure supercritical CO2 was a considerable challenge in terms of material selection and temperature control.

Loading devices

Cormet provides various kinds of loading devices for stress corrosion cracking (SCC), sulphide stress cracking (SSCC), hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), fracture mechanical and fatigue studies.

Autoclaves & Test cells

An autoclave is basically a test cell for high-pressure and often high-temperature environments. Autoclaves can be used as static independent autoclaves and as dynamic autoclaves when connected to recirculation loops.

Test loops

Recirculation loops are used in laboratories to simulate a real-life operating environment for example in power plants, pipelines, steam turbines, deep sea applications, etc.

Electrochemical tools

Cormet manufactures various kinds of tools for high-pressure high-temperature water-chemistry monitoring and electrochemical testing.