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Research Centre, India

100kN SSRT Autoclave And Loop
SCC Testing In NPP Environment
2005 | India

7 liter autoclave with 350C / 20MPa working environment. Capable of testing round tensile specimens and also 25mm thick CT specimen. Both specimen types can be equipped with LVDT sensor for accurate elongation measurement.

Autoclave was combined with recirculation loop to monitor and exhange the water at the autoclave during the test.

CT specimen with LVDT sensor

Autoclaves & Test cells

An autoclave is basically a test cell for high-pressure and often high-temperature environments. Autoclaves can be used as static independent autoclaves and as dynamic autoclaves when connected to recirculation loops.

Test loops

Recirculation loops are used in laboratories to simulate a real-life operating environment for example in power plants, pipelines, steam turbines, deep sea applications, etc.