High-quality Products

designed for our customers’ needs

Cormet provides several kinds of solutions for customers’ material and corrosion testing related instrumentation requirements. We can provide suitable instruments for various temperature, pressure and chemical environments.

Loading devices

Cormet provides various kinds of loading devices for stress corrosion cracking (SCC), sulphide stress cracking (SSCC), hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), fracture mechanical and fatigue studies.

Autoclaves & Test cells

An autoclave is basically a test cell for high-pressure and often high-temperature environments. Autoclaves can be used as static independent autoclaves and as dynamic autoclaves when connected to recirculation loops.

LVDT Sensors

LVDT sensors are used for accurate strain measurement at the specimen.

Test loops

Recirculation loops are used in laboratories to simulate a real-life operating environment for example in power plants, pipelines, steam turbines, deep sea applications, etc.

Instruments for controlled-flow laboratory tests

Controlled-flow laboratory tests are performed to study flow assisted corrosion (FAC) and erosion-corrosion phenomena. Cormet manufactures several controlled-flow laboratory tools.


Cormet can provide large testing entities and entire laboratories for its customers. These projects are always customised turn-key deliveries including instruments, installation, training and after-sales support.

Electrochemical tools

Cormet manufactures various kinds of tools for high-pressure high-temperature water-chemistry monitoring and electrochemical testing.


Various kinds of supporting instruments are needed in mechanical and electrochemical testing.


Cormet testing instruments have wearable parts such as gaskets, filters and sensors. These spare parts are available from Cormet. In addition to the spares we can also provide installation.


Cormet has software for loading devices, CER instruments and general data-acquisition purposes, for example a recirculation loop. We actively develop and support our software.