Cormet has software for loading devices, CER instruments and general data-acquisition purposes, for example for recirculation loops. All our software versions are developed in-house using the C programming language. We actively develop and support our software. One of the most important aspects is high reliability for tests running a long time. We constantly add new features to our software to meet user requirements.

The basic data-acquisition software can gather data from multiple instruments. We have support for temperature controllers, mass-flow meters, water-chemistry analyzers, stirrers, etc., and we can interface our system with almost any instrument. Often the data-acquisition software is used with a recirculating loop or a static autoclave.

Mechanical testing software is capable of performing complex testing in all kinds of environments. The testing can be any combination of slow strain rate, slow cyclic fatigue and constant-load tests. It is possible to define transitions from one test to another, and use safety limits to protect specimens from user errors. Mechanical testing software has support for Cormet DCPD measurement for online crack-length measurement, LVDT measurement or strain measurement and potentiostat control.

All the different Cormet software versions offer graphical display of data as XY graphs. For example, in a recirculating loop, one can make a graph of dissolved oxygen vs. time, or in mechanical testing a graph of stress vs. elongation, or in CER a graph of contact voltage vs. position. It is possible to share measurements between software so that all the appropriate data goes to one file with the same time base. One PC can run all three programs if necessary. The data can later be exported to Excel for further analysis.