Various kinds of supporting instruments are needed in corrosion, mechanical and electrochemical testing.

Cormet’s reverse current direct current potential drop (DC PD) is used for monitoring the crack-growth rate of CT and SENB specimens. The controlling software is integrated with Cormet loading device software, but the instrument can be controlled using an external loading device with a trigger signal.

A potentiostat is a basic electrochemical testing tool. Various potentiostat brands can be used with Cormet’s electrochemical tools as long as the potentiostat has a floating ground for autoclave operation. Cormet’s loading-device software includes a subprogram for control of the ACM Gill AC potentiostat with limited direct-current tests and recording of the measurement data (potential and current) in the loading device testing file. Data from other potentiostats can read in the software using an analogue signal or RS-232/485 bus.

Extensometers and clips are normally used for strain and CT specimen crack-opening measurements in atmospheric environment tests. Cormet does not manufacture these tools, but we can provide them and integrate them with the test cells and testing software. Picture on the right shows extensometer port to one of our tabletop SSRT’s with 600C furnace.