Design and execution

A customer normally contacts Cormet looking for suitable test instruments for new research or a test case. There are also many customers who know what they want and provide the essential parameters. Once all the information required such as operating temperature, pressure, environment, test type, specimen type and geometry, construction material, accessories required etc., is known, Cormet’s engineers provide the first quotation. In this stage, there is frequently a knowledge transfer in both directions: Customer gives Cormet information about their requirements and experience. Cormet assists the customer in making right the right choices by giving information about the technical feasibility of the ideas as well as price information about the various alternative approaches and instruments.

Because Cormet has built numerous corrosion testing instruments during the last 20 years, we have gained experience of corrosion testing instrument design and we can pass that know-how onto our customers. After the customer and Cormet have agreed on the technical details and price, the customer orders the product. The delivery time is normally between 3 and 12 months depending on the instrument type, design requirement and materials. After detailed inspection and factory testing, the instrument is sent to the customer. Training of operators can take place either on Cormet’s premises in Helsinki or on the customer’s premises. During the warranty period instruments are guaranteed against any defect due to faulty manufacture or bad craftsmanship, typically for a 12-month period. After the warranty period, Cormet provides maintenance services, spare parts and upgrades.