Cormet manufactures corrosion and material testing instruments. We offer wide spectra of research and testing instruments for in situ investigations of materials in laboratory and field environment. We are specialised in high temperature high pressure applications but provide instruments for other testing environments as well.

Cormet’s delivers instruments to university and industrial laboratories often related to power generation, chemical, transportation and oil & gas industries. Nearly all the products are tailored according to customers’ needs.

Our values

Our first responsibility is to the scientists and engineers who use our products and to their customers. All we do to fulfil their needs must be of high quality. Customers and their needs must be serviced correctly and in time. We must strive to provide state-of-the-art products and services that fulfil customers’ needs and provide solutions to their problems.

We are responsible for our employees whose professional skills and professional attitude are essential to our success. Remuneration must be fair and adequate. Employees who take responsibility must be especially appreciated. Subcontractors and distributors must be treated fairly, they must be given adequate information and training, and they must be given the opportunity to make a fair profit.

We participate in the activities of material- and corrosion-testing organisations. Together with scientists and engineers we try to find solutions for reducing the costs caused by corrosion, for improvíng safety in the power-generation, chemical and oil & gas industries and for protecting human life, the environment and natural resources.

The business must make a sound profit. New products must be developed and launched. Reserves must be set aside for economically weaker times. As a result of all these principles shareholders should receive a reasonable return.

Cormet’s story starts with the building of VVER nuclear power plants in Finland at the end of 1970’s. The delivery did not include much data about the power-plant construction materials. As a goverment-owned research organisation, VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) was asked to start building knowledge base, expertise and a testing laboratory. The first autoclaves and other high-pressure high-temperature corrosion- and material-testing instruments were built for VTT by Cormet’s predecessor.

During the 1980’s Cormet delivered instruments to laboratories relating to nuclear-power generation relate in several countries in Europe. Gradually the customer base expanded to oil and gas industry related customers, because the same high-pressure high-temperature instruments can be used in various applications.

In the 90’s Cormet Ltd. was formed. It worked together with Huber Oy that was bought by YIT in the mid nineties. Today we know YIT by the of Caverion, company listed at Helsinki Stock Exchange. Customer base started to grow outside Europe, first deliveries to Soviet Union and Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia.

Cormet expands to Indian and Japan markets on research equipment related to nuclear power generation.

Awareness of Cormet’s products has expanded to new markets and new agents are recruited to sell our products. First sales to China, Thailand, Pakistan.

Currently Cormet provides material and corrosion testing instruments to customers all over the world. We design and build customized corrosion testing instruments for various environments, applications, needs and customers.